OUR VISION STATEMENT…You Kindness Begins with You.

There are many things that divide us and its hard to get people to agree on anything. But there is one thing that can we all can unite around and agree on…“The World would be a far better place if people were just more KIND to one another.” But that may seem difficult with all the discord and violence in the World today.

The singular mission of You Kindness is to promote ripples of kindness and bring about change, one kind act at a time. Mother Teresa once said, “Not all of us can do great things, but we all can do small things with great love.” Many small kind acts, carried out by “you millions”, will create a “You Kindness-tsunami” that will sweep the land. Let that small ripple of kindness begin with “you” today!

Review our site and get tips how to do that right now… and have a KIND DAY!

Kind Bus

Start Your Own Ripple of Kindness Today!

Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw

Try a Little Kindness by Glen Campbell

"Strangers must approach strangers with benevolent actions. Kindness and caring cannot be reserved only for our families and friends. Otherwise society will not change at all. We need to reach out to all the others, not merely those like us. If we could get everyone to perform just a few acts of kindness each day, we could change the world."
- Dr. Brian Weiss


Kindness starts with you and within your heart and mind, which is why we call it “YouKindness.” Kindness starts with a single thought, so think KINDNESS and then just do it. The intent and purpose of the Foundation is to raise the consciousness, of all peoples, to be more kind to one another. To develop programs that will encourage kindness in our communities, schools, work place and homes.

In the End Only Kindness Matters by Jewel



We are empowered by passion and kindness.

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